Roses bloom once a year from mid-May untill mid-June. It is rose harvest time!

We invite you to come and experience the magic, when The Queen of Flowers her Majesty the Rose, blooms and is taken on her way to become the “liquid gold” – the best rose essential oil from Bulgaria! From dusk  rosepickers swiftly fill up the distillery containers with tons of flowers to make a kilo of rose oil. Come experience the gorgeousness and savour the enchanting rose scent soaking the air!

Take a walk in the garden, learn how to pick a rose, understand the distil

lation process of the flowers and take with you a memory from our rose shop!

For a guided tour of 30-45min of the rose garden and the distillery, please contact us at:    mob.: + 359 885 833 045    +359 897 008 472

Entrance contribution:

€ 3